The Original Dinasaur Hed

Hed #: 1
Poster:  Paperknives

Before there was the Dinasaur Hed, there was a young man by the name of AreYouAfraidOfTheSmoke.  He was well known for his ridiculous posts on the Lostpedia forums.  Bad spelling, almost zero punctuation, and grammar that would kill your 9th grade English teacher.

This particular piece of art comes from a thread titled “who should they resurect? means bring back to life“  This thread was started by Mr. Smoke and promptly lampooned by the incomparable Paperknives.

The scene is from There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3.  Jack is in the funeral home when Ben enters.  Jack is obviously impaired and distraught at the death of Jeremy Bentham (aka John Locke).  Combine the context of the scene with the bizarre context of the quote and what you have is comedy gold.

Above:  The video that started it all.
Below:  The post that went with it:
"recently i was watching a lost video on youtube.i noticed a flash of white smoke just arriving before the back smoke in dis video.i would like other people to look at it and tell me what they tink.around a year ago i herd da rumour dat the black smoke was invisable dinasaurs, sounds stupid i know. but wen luking at dis video i seen da flash of white was at 13 seconds in.its really hard 2 pause took me like 20 pauses.its between da tree and the house.wen pausing i seen wat luks alot like a dinousasurs may be my* mind playin tricks,but my friends agree with it being a dinasaur head.please luk at it nd get bk 2 me......i cant give a link cuz im new on dis.on youtube type in ''lost season 5 begins february 4,2009(video 1 of 2)'' ....13 seconds in,it will take a while 2 pause right on da spotil try and send da pic i got as atachment"

diarmyhowley,  11-04-2008, 04:40 PM